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úterý 28. října 2014

One of the latest basses I made is AVBS singlecut shape in a 6 string version.

This bass follows 2 basses I made in past and shares almost the same construction and wood configuration.
The top used for all of these basses is Spalted Birch from Czech Republic.  I got this wood from my fellow colleague woodworker who thought that it could be good for my basses. It is a very fancy wood and spalting figure is so nice and unique. You can find nice woods in Czech Republic for basses too!

All of these basses came with Aguilar OBP-3 preamp.
I've changed pickups and preamp on first of these 3 basses to EMG's DC40's and Glockenklang preamp which fits perfect to this bass. It has European Walnut back and bass has nicely defined low range. Other two basses have Mahogany as back wood and they sound more detailed in midrange with better defined harmonics and warm growl if both pickups are on.

First bass featured Hipshot gold hardware and I think that black or cosmo black fits much better to light wood than gold hardware.

This 6 string has Bartolini humbuckers with small 3 way switch for splitting coils as series/single/parallel and really makes change to a tone. You can find your tone there.

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